Torx Screw Thoughts?

My team is thinking about switching to Torx screws for this upcoming season and so on. I am curious about how many teams use Torx screws and what they think about them. I am guessing if you’re using Torx screws you’re just using them and not a mixture of hex. Have you ever stripped one because I know they’re supposed to trip less because of their shape? Also is it harder to tighten them in hard to reach places because of the shape? Also for newer teams would it be better to start off with Torx screws now or are hex screws still the better choice? I’ve found all the screws except for setscrews that have Torx heads.

I have used Torx screws this year, and I loved them. I never had an issue with them stripping. You should make sure to not screw a screw at an angle though, which makes it a little hard to screw them in hard to reach places.

I can’t remember who, but someone from VEX said awhile ago that the hex head screws and screwdrivers would eventually be phased out (take this with a grain of salt), so it would probably be best to go ahead and get the torx screws. I have never personally used them, but I have heard great things from everyone who has used them.

Hex screws are just awful and disgusting and I hate them (even though they are more commonly used in industry as far as I know). We have had so many of them strip, delaying our robots for weeks sometimes. Definitely get the Torx! We have NEVER had one strip.

They are sometimes hard to get in weird places, but if you just apply enough pressure and use a relatively good condition screw driver, they’re just fine.

+1. You can’t go wrong with Torx screws. I never really had any issues with them.

They have six-pointed star holes in their heads instead of the hexagonal holes (or slot/philips/etc.).

Oh yeah the new star ones.

We use HEX and Torx, and Torx is better IMO. The ones pre-Loctited are SO annoying to screw in though. The screwdrivers don’t strip, which is great.

They’re annoying to screw in but they also don’t get too loose.

Some notes about tools, ball end Torx drivers do exist. Ex:

Also, in a pinch you can use the 3/32" hex driver which is the standard for the 8-32 VEX hex screws to tighten the new T15 screws. It works well, but should not be a permanent solution as the proper Torx tools will be much more wear resistant.


Torx are the best!

What’s the best place to buy assorted amounts of torx screws?

The VEX torx screws were pretty cheap compared to the other vendors I’m allowed to buy from

My team just transitioned to torx this past season and they are amazing (I’ve never had a screw or screw driver strip)
Personally, I don’t find it more difficult to tighten them in hard to reach places.
We use ball end screw drivers that make them pretty easy to reach at an angle (the brand we chose for drivers was Wiha)

Love them and will never go back. In addition, we also switched to the T-15 motor screws, and it has been a great improvement. No more stripped heads!

Last summer we looked hard to find a better price than VEX for the screws, but with shipping and low VEX prices (said almost no one ever!) VEX ended up being the best deal. In addition, we LOVE our tools that we got from

Did you find the motor screws on VEX or Robosource? Do you guys have Torx head setscrews for shaft collars and if so where did you get them? Thanks!

Neither, when I first got them Robosource didn’t sell them. I got the from Albany County Fasteners. The link to order them is here. link text

Have not been able to find them. If you find some please let me know!

We do have them now though:

For the set screws, I would highly recommend ordering some Stainless Steel set screws, as they are much better than the black ones they come with and are pretty cheap: