Torx Screws

This post was stupid, please disregard. I will delete it, and I apologize for it.

This is a really weird post. You start off advocating the use of Torx screws which is fine.

You then ask what would be good sizes, cost, etc. This says to me that you didn’t do much research into your suggestion. You lobbed all the work all onto VEX.

A better post would have been "We’ve been prototyping using torx head screws. We’ve been using these 4 sizes (x,y,x,q) and have been able to build successfully. We found pricing at Mcmaster, Fastenall, Screw World, etc and found prices to be close (table of prices vex vs others) This would increase the cost of a robot using 500 screws about $xxxx.

Its easier to sell an idea if there is some background to go with it past “I want”

Looking forward to seeing your reseach.

R7c already allows you to use Torx screws, or any type of screw:

I don’t think it would make sense for VEX to switch all their screws, the main 2 issues being that they probably have a large inventory of hex screws they need to sell first and that the VEX screws would no longer all be compatible, meaning you would need multiple tools.

While the black screws that still come in kits do strip, the newer silver stainless steel ones are usually fine. The main issue is the allen keys, which strip easily (especially if used incorrectly), and using a stripped allen key on a screw helps strip the screw, so many people buy other better quality allen wrenches.

And not all allen wrenches are created equal. I’ve been using the hard-chrome hex screwdrivers and ball-end allen wrenches from Wiha Tools for years. I’ve never had to grind the end to make it flat again – they just last and last.

These aren’t the only high-quality wrenches on the market, they are just my favorites.

I’ve also managed to mangle small Torx screws and drivers. They are good, but they aren’t magic.

I really should have looked at the post before posting, as I now realize that, like you said, I changed the point of the post. I’d have to check, but I think that there are a few sizes that could potentially work with vex parts, but of course motor screws likely will need to remain vex and I’d need new nuts.

I have seen both strip easily, and the Vex wrenches we have are probably the main cause.

I have a Wiha torx driver for airsoft gearboxes and my dad likes their tools, so I’ll take a look next time I’m at a hardware store.

Again, sorry all for the dumb post.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, we’ve had far worse on the forum and occasionally from adults that should know better (and I include myself in that group).

The problem is that often the hex head screws strip, this is sometime the fault of the screw, sometimes the fault of the tool and sometimes the fault of the student :slight_smile:

One solution is a Torx screw, I’m not sure I agree with that solution as we don’t need these fasteners secured with high levels of torque.

My solution is similar to others.
I only use the new stainless screws, the black ones go in the “bin of last resort”, that is, I only use them if I run out of stainless screws. I always use good tools, these can be more expensive but are IMHO worth the extra few dollars.

Well, it’s the only way I learn :wink: but I will definitely try to switch to better tools and stainless screws, thanks all for the suggestions and lessons.