Toss Up - Arts Division

Team List :

Feel free to post a thread or link to your team if you are in the arts division.

I’m Daniel Stoyak from team 9594m-BISCUIT Robotics. PM me or add me on FB for scouting info.

My name is Lovdeep Singh from 4549C. You may also find me on Facebook or be sure to come by our pit :slight_smile: Good luck and have fun!

My name’s matt visnich from 1115c be sure to find us and say hey

Who is everyone’s favorites coming out of the Arts division?

Team 2527A is in the Arts division as our first year in high school. We are very excited and see we have the most Wisconsin teams in our division which will be fun to compete with friends at the highest level of competition! We already did our reveal but in case anyone missed it here it is again! :smiley:

Come by our pit, and wish the best to everyone! :slight_smile:

Wow, 1973B back in the Arts Division!

1200F is in the Arts division.

Here is our reveal video that we posted before the US Open:

We have made a few changes, but our robot should be significantly better, good luck to everyone!

ARTS looks stacked , who are the top teams in this division ?

I recognize a couple Texas Teams

2587K - DiscoBots -

4000x - Omni Eagles

4128A - Awty

1045A is awesome

You made it so nice. I did not think anyone would be able to 1 v 2 and win with 60 points. 90 points in first qualifying.