Toss Up Beach Ball Questions/Opinions

I don’t think these need to be in the ask official trhread but invite comments from RCF/Vex folks too.

  1. What is the best way people have found to inflate the Toss Up weighted beach balls?

Here’s what we have - a raft/pool pump:

But I found some bike pump/compressor adapters on amazon (not endorsing them just showing them, we have the pump above). Does anyone else plan on using a compressor or bike pump for the beach balls so they are not carrying around two pumps?

Metal adapters:

Plastic adapters:


  1. Does anyone else have the beach ball becoming an “outie” where the valve does not want to stay nested inside? When you try and get the stiffness to fully inflate the ball it seems to happen. Should we try and have all the beach balls valves start out as flush at the start of a match?


well i personally dont think that going either way would not hurt seeing how there is the 1" tolerance so i personally would try to get the best inflation with an “innie”

We just got our field today and used an air pump with the attachments you linked to to pump them all up

We just had a bike pump without any special attachments, so we had to have a “Macgyver” moment. We took a pen and removed its ink core, leaving the plastic tube with the tapered end. The tapered end fit into the ball, and the other end fit into the pump. It was an easy, cheap way to inflate the balls with what we had and it worked well.

That is awesome!