'Toss Up' Big Ball GoNoGo measure


We have just made a GoNoGo measure for VEX Toss Up balls and we thought it would be good to share it. The attached PIC 'GoNoGo.jpg shows the complete measure. The idea is that a correctly inflated big ball should sit inside the jig but not fall through it. A seam line on the ball should be moved so it lies between the plates for correct placement.

The big hole is the same size as the max size for a ball and the small hole is the min size for the ball. So the ball should pass through the big hole but not pass through the small hole, hence ‘GoNoGo’.

The ZIP file contains the Autodesk Inventor files for the measures and the .AI files can be used to laser cut the laser plates.

The two plates are bolted together with 4 x 1x5x35 C-Channels.

Checking if a ball meets spec takes seconds.
Toss_Up_Measure.zip (805 KB)