Toss Up Field Render

… because you know you wanted one.

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I’ve been playing with volumetric lights recently and decided to use them here. I used that, Global Illumination, Caustics, Final Gather, DOF, photographic exposure, contour shaders and a few other tricks to make a pretty awesome looking scene.

This single 1080p frame took 4 hours and 7 minutes to render on my Intel i7 3.7 GHz (overclocked) workstation using the FG “High quality” preset with 200,000 GI photons. Most of the time was spent rendering the field skirt and the large balls, they are particularly complex due to the multiple surfaces and caustics calculations.

Anyway I’m just going to put this out there, no licensing - go nuts, but if you can credit is always nice. Comments welcome.

EDIT: Someone caught some issues with the large balls having black spots on them, I know what happened and have uploaded a patched render. Refresh if you still see black spots. Sorry about that!


This looks like the animation they showed during the game reveal!


Dang this is so sick. Looks better than real

:eek: Wow! Can you post a download link?

What is a good material for vex metal? I want to render out my robot design with this field!

+1 on this one! The field VEX puts up are dimensionally correct, but not always the best for HQ presentations.

Guys that’s a direct link to the image, just right click on the link and click “save.”

Regarding metal, I’ll do a tutorial on how to make something like this soon…

I have to carefully consider whether or not I want to put this scene file into the public domain and if so under what license.

EDIT: Yeah, no way in hell am I letting go of the scene file. Sorry. You can follow along my 3D tutorials and try different things out for yourself.


looks great! Love the lighting!:slight_smile:

very nice ! cheers !

Great render Cody, as per usual. That’d be cool if you got another high-res render of the field at a height of one of the hanging bars looking down at the field. It would be a close up shot of the field but still have the whole field in the picture. Post it on this thread if you do it!

Looks good Cody, at 6 frames per day it’s going to take a while to do a 30 second animation :slight_smile: Perhaps we can get some help from Pixar.

Pshh, who needs Pixar when we can render farm :stuck_out_tongue: .

If Cody send each of the vexforum members 3 frames to render we can get it done.

Pssst, that’s what botnets are for, right?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on getting this to a reasonable level without cutting too many corners. One neat thing you can do is save the FG points to a file and reuse the data (which is the longest part of the calculation) so long as nothing but the camera moves. So that trick only works for the flythrough shots. But hey that’s something.

Another thing you can do is throw more power at the problem, I have a dual-i7 machine sitting next to my bed that is waiting for a second CPU cooler to arrive before I can use it. Once I have that node online I can jump to a whopping 17 ish frames a day. :smiley:

Anyway the thing that is taking the longest is computing the FG points, which to the best of my understanding is a complicated raytrace operation. I kind of think that the 1.4 million polys in this scene are the culprit here. While Round Up had more, they were often out of view and thus not really a concern whereas here everything is pretty much in view.

I’m going to play around with this and see if less geometry make it go faster or not, should be easy - just hide everything but the floor and see what happens.


We could do this for realz, and it has crossed my mind before. Infact I can even send out slices of frames over the network with backburner setup. :smiley:

Rendering @ Home.

OK calculating FG points are astonishingly faster without the 1.4 mill polys so this has become a game of kill as much extra geometry as possible.

Stupid CAD models, ahhh this is going to suck. But hey let’s see what I can do with the optimize modifier. -Cody

Back in the day, before most of you were born, and I was still doing visual effects work, I bought two of these.

They were $400,000 each and had 8 cpu’s (150MHz), state of the art at that time. Your i7 would probably blow it out of the water today.

Where does one get that kind of money to spend on a machine…

Wouldn’t you rather buy, I dunno, a house? Or 2?

Good god, please tell me your company paid for them?

Also, if they have another $800,000 to throw into CPU power, that would buy a LOT of i7’s. Just saying…

EDIT: 2,666 i7’s for a total of 21,333 threads. Cody wants.

Also what kind of VFX? Can we see??? :slight_smile:

This was only for companies who would throw that down for their products, the stuff I work on is upwards of half a million a piece.

Yeah but now you have to begin to factor in the cost of power consumption and the cost of rewiring your house, as well as figuring out how to cluster that many computers together.