Toss Up field

Got the playing field in today and immediately noticed how tight the three sections are going to be.


Especially if there will be four robots trying to move around in the back section. This will be an interesting game with a lot of interaction between the robots.


There are a lot of objects in the front section as well.


How did you get it already? On the website it says it ships tomorrow :confused:

Do you happen to know how straight the bucky balls roll? Do the flat surfaces alter the direction of the balls while in motion? If so, how drastically? I would like to start designing but we won’t have game elements until september. Knowing this would be very helpful. Thanks.

Heh, our analysis is proving to be more and more accurate:D

Not only does the toss up field at sack attack worlds on youtube looks crowded, we made an analysis the first week of toss up(on the hydra website if anyone’s interested). About 56% of the field is occupied.


Didn’t really pay much attention to the bucky balls today. We will be at the school tomorrow, so I will shoot some video of the balls rolling and bouncing, and post it asap.

My surprise was the ball’s surface. From the pictures it looked like it was a soft surface, but they are a hard plastic, with not much flexibility in them.


Can’t wait for our field! … this is our first year with a full field :smiley:

i am so excited ! :cool:

Lol my team fished a buckyball out of the garbage after the presentation at worlds. One step ahead, no suprises for us.

What they just throw them away? You’d think they’d offer them to people if the objects are that worthless to them.

Yeah, I guess they did. We definitely did not buy it, although I guess it’s possible that I didn’t remember correctly.

If anything was found in the garbage it was there by mistake. We did not throw any of the Toss Up elements away at the World Championship.