Toss Up - Math Division

Team List :

Feel free to post a thread or link to your team if you are in the math division.

Looks like Canned Ham and the Green Eggs are in the same division.

Also the only division without a Gladstone team. Not that I have anything against Gladstone, just an observation.

We’re in this division too.

Of course, my own thoughts this morning were: “Just watch, we’ll be in the same division as the Green eggs.” what luck! Watch, we are going to go up against them now! But, I wish team 44 the best with their last year; in that matter, best of luck to everyone participating at World’s!

the following sentence is strike letters Anyways, it seems my prediction was wrong… I though the divisions would be posted this Sunday hahahaha

Does anyone know the pit colors for the divisions?

I hope were not like an ugly brown.

From first glance this is CERTAINLY the toughest division to win and the most likely to win. Not only is there the record breaking pair of Green Egg and Canned Ham, but 3 of the top four teams from the world finals last year in addition to many other outstanding teams. I know we (246) will find all the very high quality teams here a challenge. I would also predict the Math Division Champions to be World Champions this year :).

40A Canned Ham is very excited to be competing in the math division! By the looks of the team list this will certainly be a challenging division. See you on the fields. :smiley:

Who is everyone’s favorites from the Math division? Mine are 44, 2587Z, 404V, 2941A, 40A, and 5069A. Good luck!!

5069A is really good in drivers skill in the 70’s to 80’s and consistently hang with a ball

4828A will be here and we are ready to meet with all of you. We are also ready to compete!:smiley:

And just like last year… Math is the toughest division at Worlds.

I think I’ll continue my prediction of Math winning in the Finals on Saturday.

Edit: This is all my opinion.

4828a is looking forward to competing with some of the best teams out there. This should be a very interesting division. Feel free to come by our pits and say hello!:slight_smile:

7232 is here as well, tough division.

Great Texas Teams are in this division ! They could dominate with an all Texas alliance

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