Toss Up Scoring Code

I wrote code for the cortex that gets input from the user through the LCD buttons and calculates the score for a Toss Up match.
It compiles in RobotC 3.60 (probably other versions too).
The code has some tricks that our team uses in our code, such as fake timers and consistent loop time.
The framework is meant to be as customizable as possible, so if you wanted to make a version for Sack Attack, Gateway or some other season, it probably would not take very long.
Feel free to give feedback for improvement. :smiley:
P.S. First post.
TossUpScoreCalc.c (8.62 KB)


This is a cool programming project but doesn’t seem to have much practical application with the scoring app :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless of course you don’t have a phone but have an extra cortex and lcd screen laying around.

Cool idea. This has actual utility, unlike my currently half-written text-adventure game.

True, but it was partially a coding project. And, as you said, for people without smartphones, if they added this into their robot’s LCD menu, they could score up a match after they grab their bot.
But realistically, who’s going to do that? :slight_smile:

Remember to drop the rod to get the bird so you can get past the snake…

(Obviously showing my age here. XYZZY)

I’m 17 years old and i get the reference :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a bit of an unusual person though

You’re not the only one to get the reference. I’ve come within one command of beating the game (multiple times). :stuck_out_tongue: