Toss Up - Technology Division

Team List :

Feel free to post a thread or link to your team if you are in the technology division.

9090C is here.

323z will be competing in the Technology Division :slight_smile:

1575D is in this division, we are honored to compete with 2 well known teams, 9090C and 323Z along with all other teams. Best of luck to everyone.

2059A looks forward to competing in, it looks like, the hardest division of them all.

I’m glad i’m not in this division( lots of good teams)

536E will be there

Technology looks tough with 323Z, 2059A, 4252A, 9090C, 7973A, and numerous other strong teams!! Toughest division IMO… Good luck!

Don’t forget 2915A who just got added to the division list after being missing initially.

I agree that this is the hardest division, alliance selection will be VERY interesting.

of course!! the defending world champs… I hadn’t looked at the updated list until now… This division is legit! :smiley:

I agree… This alliance selection will be very interesting… We’ll see if we make it to elims :slight_smile:

Welcome Defending Championship.

We did not forget you, but the committee almost forgot you.

675E Robodragons will be there. We are looking forward to some great matches!

Its not my team in any sense, but they are definitely a team to watch out for.

OYES has been practising against both Lynfield (2915) teams over the past week, and I trust their attempt to defend the championship will be a strong one.

We always get the hardest divisions. Last year we were in Math, and this year its technology

We too … 7973A will be technology division. Good luck.

4252A will be invading technology this year. Like math last year this division will be very intense!

Hi, 10Q Exothermic Hazard (Redmond, WA) is looking forward to competing in the Technology division!

383N will be at the Tech division… Looking forward to competing in the best division, and meeting all sorts of people! Good luck to everyone. :smiley:

569C Nighthawk Robotics Club will be in technology!