Toss Up's Two Main Designs

As Toss Up is a combination of almost every past game, there are two main designs(from my point of view): 4-bar lift style, or a scissor lift. I was surprised on the scissor lift design, as I thought my team had finally done something unique.

At my competition they were all six bar side roller bots modified for picking up large balls. The tournament champion however had a top roller for bucky balls and a second shovel at the back for big balls. I haven’t seen any 4 bar lifts. Scissor lifts are quite common too, I for one am going with the scissor lift.

Most robots at my competition had side rollers that were able to pick up both balls. Also the autonomous routine for the winning teams could score 15 pts just in the back.

Yeah I was a little sad to see other scissor lifts at my first competition as I thought I’d be the only one. And sad for not being unique but happy for them to have found a good lift

This is ironic because I was the only one with a scissor lift at our last competition