Totally Autonomous execution

If I switch on the robot, it doesn’t seem to want to run any code until after its either synced with my computer or to a joystick.

Do I have a bug or is this the way its meant to be and if so is there a way around it.


Hi Further to my previous message.

I am using a standard non competition
task main ()

As soon as the Cortex looses communication either with a PC or Joystick it stops execution.
I created a counter and displayed it on the LCD.
Started up the Robot and connected a Joystick, and as soon as the joystick was disconnected (or switched of when using vexnet) it stopped counting and rerstarted again when re connected.

I’m aware this behavior is connected to the way competitions work, but outside a competition it would be nice to be able to switch on the robot and use the buttons on the lcd to select autonomous mode etc.

is there any way to do this, I did try playing with ‘bIfiAutonomousMode’ but I’m guessing thats not used anymore, or pic only or something as its now a const.

thanks for any help

Ok All sorted sorry… has to be in usb only mode :o