Touch LED won't Change Color

I am working with 5th graders on PLTW Launch. We have built test beds which include a touch LED. The touch LED won’t change color. They are all green. Can someone help?

Hi swickens,

We’re sorry that you have encountered this issue. Are you using the Touch LED with one of the two built in programs (Driver Control or Autopilot) in the VEX IQ Robot Brain, or are you using a custom user program, such as one written in ROBOTC or Modkit?

If you are using the Touch LED in Driver Control or Autopilot programs, please ensure the Touch LED is plugged into the expected port. In Driver Control, the Touch LED should be in Port 2. In Autopilot, the Touch LED should be in Port 5. In both Driver Control and Autopilot, touching the Touch LED will change colors. More information regarding this is available in the Control System User Guide.

In a custom user program, the Touch LED will only illuminate and/or change color if it is programmed to do so.

If you are using Modkit, this help page includes information on programming the Touch LED:

If you are using ROBOTC, sample programs are available to help demonstrate this behavior. The “Detect Capacitive Touch.c” program in text-based and “Touch Loop with Colors.rbg” in Graphical demonstrate changing the LED color based upon touch. These programs can be accessed by going to the File > Open Sample Program menu.


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