Touching Cone on Pylon

Is it illegal to touch any cones that are stacked on the pylon if you are trying to move the entire stack? Can you pick up another cone if you are touching the stack anywhere besides the pylon?

Note 2: By these definitions, if a Robot is touching a Cone on a Mobile Goal, that Cone and any above it will not count as being Stacked.

By this rule, if it is not counted as stacked would that then count as your one cone in possession?

This will be an interesting question to have answered. My first inclination is that the touching a cone on a stack applies to scoring and not possession. I could be wrong, it certainly would not be the first time.

If you are touching a cone on the stack and driving, such that the cone is being moved with your robot, I’d say it counts towards possession. However, when you are stationary, I don’t think it would be possession if your aren’t directly grasping the cone, as it isn’t being controlled by your robot. Just my initial thoughts though.

If this were the wording of the possession rule (you can not be traveling while possessing more than one come) then that would be huge. I hope that is the interpretation that they decide on. Although that would allow stationary hoarders that a partner could feed, so i am not sure if that will be accepted.

@Robo_Eng_13 That’s not the wording, but if your aren’t moving/moving the cone I don’t think you are possessing it. The definition of possess is if the robot is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of a cone, so if you don’t grab the cone and aren’t moving, I don’t think that cone would fall under the rules of being possessed.

I know that is not the current wording, but there is still room for Vex to tweak their wording to better fit their intention of the rule without the excessive creative limits that the current wording places. I would like to see the allowance of vertical control of more than one cone so long as the base remained stationary.


As much as that would make for interesting robots, I highly doubt this rule change will come about.

Base on what the rule says:
<SG9> Robots may not Possess more than one (1) Cone at a time.
Note 2: Stacked Cones do not count towards the Possession limit. (i.e. A Robot is allowed to control
the movement of a Mobile Goal with Stacked Cones)

I interpret this that the robot is allowed to control, or in other words, possess a single cone and a stacked of cones(cones on mobile goal) since the latter don’t count as possession limit.
Correct me if I misunderstand this.

@Scott30603 You are correct, but a cone that is touching a robot is not considered stacked, even if it is on a mobile goal. That is what the question is asking about.