Tournament buzzer time and scoring

Does the game finish at the start of the buzzer of the end of the buzzer?

ie: if a cube is in a scoring zone and a robot is touching the cube at the start of the buzzer, at zero seconds, but is not touching the cube at the end of the buzzer - is this scored?


The rules do not reference the sound at all so in my opinion allow for some interpretation by the person scoring, so consistency is key. The clock hitting zero is when the match ends for me.

The sound lasts just under 2 seconds… The exact moment a robot releases an object is very difficult to call anyway.

For an official answer, you’d have to ask in the Q&A on Robot Events.

The rules say the kids get one minute. The minute runs out at the beginning on the buzzer.


In the situation you reference, the cube should not be scored.


It’s not over until it’s over. Scores will be calculated for all Matches immediately after the Match, once all Cubes, Field Elements, and Robots on the field come to rest.
a. The determination of the Autonomous Bonus will occur for all Matches immediately after the Autonomous Period, after all Cubes, Field Elements, and Robots come to rest.

I’m pretty sure it would count as scored.

This is rule G18
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Nothing is scored until everything stops moving and user control ends when the comp switch is flicked after 2 minutes, regardless of the sound

This is for IQ, so there is no match controller and kids can continue driving after the time is up. If they do, those additional points don’t count.



IQ does not have a comp switch and a match is only 1 minute

It’s IQ. This is rule G18

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