Tournament Discussion Section?

Today, while at a tournament. A colleague and I were thinking that it would be nice if the forum would add a tournament discussion section. Not today or tomorrow but maybe sometime in the future. We were pondering our tournaments this season and in years past and would like to hear some feedback from others possibly at that tournament or at others from around the globe. Just an idea we were thinking of.

I agree, a tournament discussion section would be very nice.

To throw an idea out there, it would be nice if the tournaments from robot events would automatically sync themselves to a new thread on the forum so people could discuss to other teams that are going and such.

Not sure if that idea would be possible though because the forum is powered by vBadvanced and not sure if it has that functionality.

You can do this today, and it won’t take any programming, either. Just go to the thread for this year’s game and start a thread with the name of the tournament.

I’ve also moved some comments in this thread that were off-topic to a new thread in the Gateway forum.