Tournament Manager and V5 Brain/Field Controller

I have a question about the tournament manager and disablement . I haven’t seen or read anything to disable a robot in tournament manager . Is there a way to do it , with field control on the laptop with the V5 brains.

Also issue I’ve run into with de-tethering of the field , has anyone found a solution or fix to it , also can you view the log without exciting the tournament code or program . Then another issue that we ran into in Colorado was the power cables would stop powering the brain and the controller would die in a match , and switch it to a battery fixed the issue , does anyone know why this is happening . Also Cables not detecting controller in certain port on the V5 brains does anyone know the solution to fixing this issue

Do you mean disable a single robot? You can’t disable a single robot from TM and the rules do not call for this to be possible. If a team receives a disablement penalty, they are asked to place there controller down and no longer operate the robot.

All robots are disabled prior to a match starting, in between autonomous and driver control, and then again at the end of the match.

What do you mean by de-tethering the field?

The field control never powers the Brain. However, it can be set to power/charge the controllers. This option should only be enabled if you are using a V5 battery and power supply together on the V5 Field Brain since the power supply on it’s own can not provide enough current to power the brain and charge 4 controllers at the same time.


So the de-tethering , during a live match the field controller V5 Field Controller and the legacy field controller would Disabled the robots during the match then would re enable them. Sometimes the disconnection was greater than a couple of seconds , other times when disabled state was re enabled it bugged out the code on the robots and only certain section of their code would work or robot wouldn’t restart code and would remain disabled . Or it would turn on only one side of the field “Legacy only”.

When we were using the V5 field Controller at Colorado State Tournament , The power to battery adapter stop workin . Its the same one in this kit however we were just running the V5 brains running the tournament OS . And we couldn’t get the cable adapter to start working so we attached the battery to the field .

The Issue at state was as well certain port would fail to recognize controllers connected to feild controller . And a solution was moving around the cables to fix the ports til the Teams Controller would be recognized by the brain . Is t

That sounds like a radio disconnect, nothing to do with TM or the FC.

I see this often, students need to handle unexpected states in their code (ie. going into drover before auton), it’s nearly always a code structure problem.

We did not do this at worlds in 2023, the default for latest FC software (which has not been released yet) is smartport power off. We will have an update with some additional changes based on things we learned at worlds this year sometime in the summer.