Tournament Manager Bug

We hosted a tournament last weekend and noticed that the skills challenge scoring allows highest stack bonuses. We believed the rules didn’t allow this and confirmed this via . Since it’s not a valid scoring method, it should be removed from the tournament manager so people who aren’t clear on the rules aren’t artificially raising scores at events.

You are indeed correct. Good catch. I’ll make sure this get passed on to the TM team.

This isn’t really a bug - the scoresheet input used is the same as for regular matches. However, we are already working on hiding that option since it is not applicable. Regardless, though, while TM calculates the scores, the referees are responsible for ensuring that the data recorded on the scoresheets is done correctly.

(Emphasis mine) People who are not clear on the rules should not be refereeing matches (and thus recording scores). Scorekeepers should be knowledgeable about the rules as well but ultimately they should only be entering the scoresheet data recorded by the referees, and bringing any discrepancies to the referee’s attention for correction.