Tournament Manager - Can't automatically queue next match during finals

Whenever we’ve ran a tournament, during finals we’ve had to manually right click on each match, queue it up, and select the field it’s happening on. Pressing queue next match in the field set control window just does nothing. Is there something we’re just not setting up right or is that just how it is?

Edit: We start finals by just doing Matches > Create Finals Matches.

The “Queue Next Match” button doesn’t work for finals matches by default because the finals matches aren’t assigned to any field when you generate them.

If you assign each finals match to a field (Tools > Elimination/Finals Match Queue), the “Queue Next Match” button should work.

(although in confirming that just now, I also noticed that with a finals match queued, the “queue next match” button only queued the next match after I had run the current match, which is not the case with qualification matches)


Yep this worked. Thanks!

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