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and what if the update doesn’t happen within the next couple days? will @BenEllery still be able to host his tournament?

When setting up the game configuration he would have to use “Basic Game” and then add up points for both alliances mentally. When you choose Basic Game, you will only be presented with one text box. All you could do with that is enter how many points each alliance earned. It is recommended that you have one referee use the VRC HUB (to add up points) while the other uses the TM Mobile to enter points to the server.
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The new ranking system will not be reflected with the Basic Game, in particular Win Point for Home Row bonus.


@Dave_Flowerday any new features with TM this year?

Just wait for the thing to actually come out, and then look at the release notes.


If the new version doesn’t come out then the Basic Game is the next best thing to use, minus the home row bonus.

the Basic Game is not an option for VEX IQ :worried:

Make a new thread about this.


Looks like the TM update has gone live in the last 10 minutes or so. - Version 2020_21.1.0 - June 25, 2020


Happy to see AI on there!

Does anyone know when they will release TM to be compatible with more recent MacOS software? Catalina has been out for some time, and BigSur was released last year. And while I have access to a Windows laptop, I was hoping to use the Mac for streaming/OBS.

Does it not work under MacOs X as is? What specific BigSur dependency are you looking for?

The TM download page has claimed it wasn’t compatible with Catalina since that version was released in the fall of 2019. For what it’s worth I had no trouble running it under Catalina, but in Big Sur (released fall 2020), the latest version of TM crashes on launch for me.

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Ok the next step is to contact to get their feedback as to when they expect this to be fixed.

It may well be that it is not a priority for RECF who contracts with DWABtech to develop TM software.

It may be as simple issue for them to recompile under Xcode with Big Sur

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Thanks, I have sent a message to DWAB Tech, but as I had not gotten any response yet in the last week I was wondering if I was the only one wanting to use TM on the latest version of MacOS

FYI - We recently diagnosed the problem with Tournament Manager on Big Sur. Unfortunately what we found is that in Big Sur, Apple made a significant breaking change (they removed all system-provided dynamic libraries from the filesystem). This broke 100s of applications, Tournament Manager being one of them. Due to some technical reasons, it is likely not going to be easy to work around this in TM. As such we’re not able to provide any ETA at this point.

We’ve updated the download website with this additional information.


You got to love Apple. Microsoft flips themselves inside out to make sure Windows ME code runs and Apple goes “pffft” we don’t think you need that. We don’t need that therefore you don’t need that.


I opened Tournament Manager yesterday for the first time in a while and I allowed the software to update. Now, when I have tried to control a connected robot I have no green lights on the field tower. I have green lights on the match controller. I can’t seem to find any information online regarding the latest update. Can someone direct me where I need to look?

Do you have the competition template downloaded to your V5 brain?

You can also start a practice match and test to see it’s working.

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