Tournament Manager feature request: named audience display programs

In Tournament manger, when you run an overlay audience display, the programs name is audience display.

If window capture software is done for software overlays, and multiple overlays are being used (multiple divisions etc.) it is sometimes impossible or very difficult to grab multiple overlays. Having the title of the window be something like “audience display field set 1” would allow for easier identification of which overlay is for each set.

Are you using OBS?

Yes. So in OBS I have to go and start 1 display, window capture it, start display 2, window capture it.

Using OBS for streams, I just make copies of Display.exe (ex: DisplayMain, DisplayPit, DisplayAudience2) and use the exe matching with new shortcuts. It’s been working out so far, every time TM updates it removes them though. I ended up with a batch script to recopy/create them that I just run after every update.

That is a good workaround, but I was hoping it would not come to that.