Tournament Manager (live scoring)

Does anybody know if/when the new Tournament Manager software will be released that has live scoring? Like the one at worlds?

That’s an interesting question. I wonder how they did it at New Zealand nationals. Their live scoring was sick! I wonder if that software is available.
New Zealand Nationals

I can’t speak for the official Tournament Manager (which OP was talking about). But I can let you know how it was done at NZ Nationals.

We wrote our own custom software (both an app and a display server) code-named “FOCS” (Front-end Overlay Competition Scorer) to allow easy live scoring for the game and then overlayed this (with a chroma key) on top of the video feed the same as we do for the usual TM audience display. Examples below.

“FOCS” overlay:
Traditional TM overlay:
Traditional TM overlay with “FOCS” overlayed on top:

All the work I did on it is available on Github if anyone wants to do anything with it, but I don’t know if much will be done for this season seeing as there’s now (or at least will be soon!) an official solution.