Tournament Manager multi-screen display

We want to use one computer and connect two monitors to display different content at the same time (such as ‘In-Match’ and ‘Rankings’ or ‘Rankings’ and ‘Alliance Selection’), But no relevant options were found in the Tournament Manager, can you tell me if you know, thank you.
I only have two computer and two monitors.

sorry for my poor English

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In our T/M setup, we use the main computer (a laptop) for the T/M operator, and have a projector connected to the laptop for the main audience display. For all other displays (field monitor at each field, and 2-3 large screen tv’s for rankings) we use Raspberry Pi’s, wired on the field monitors, wireless for the other displays.


Is it only possible to use raspberry pi?

You can use computer’s too…but you have to connect every monitor/display to a computer. For us, using pi’s was cheaper made setup easier. We attach the pi’s to the backs of the monitors/tv’s, for example, here is our field monitor setup, which stays permanently assembled:


so do you know which site has these tutorials,thanks


I know when I set up a Tournament in TM, I usually make myself multiple PIT display instances - e.g., Cafeteria display, PIT display, On Deck, etc. This way I can display relevant information to different audience (spectator break area, rankings display, PIT team info, On Deck upcoming matches).

You can do the same - then under the displays, you have different display control panels to control what gets displayed… So beginning of day - I have schedule and inspection up on different displays, later in the day, lots of different displays.


Thanks,I will try it.

If you have one computer with multiple monitors connected, you can start up multiple copies of the audience and/or pit display programs on it. Inside each display program, there is a dropdown that lets you choose to put that program fullscreen on any of the attached monitors.

So, if you had a PC with 3 monitors, 1 for the desktop/TM, 1 for an audience (in-match) display, and 1 for a pit (rankings) display - you would start TM normally, then start an audience display and choose “Fullscreen on Display 2”, then start a pit display and choose “Fullscreen on Display 3”.

Here’s the relevant section from the TM User Guide:


Now, I use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and have connected the computer. But I didn’t find how to use raspberry pi to control the screen in the software, where is this option, thanks.

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The Audience Display will follow what is selected on the for the field – to to the Field Set Control menu and generally you can find two controls - Match Field Set #1 and Skills Set #1 - pick Match Field Set #1 and a control panel for that field will appear. You can control matches from there and also change what is sent to the Audience Display for that field set.


If you want to control what’s shown on that Pi independently of the audience display for any field set (for example, maybe you want that Pi to always be showing the match schedule), it needs to be set up as a “pit display”.

Create a pit display in “pit display setup” (Tools → Options → Pit Display) for each Pi you want to be separately controllable, then assign the Pi to its corresponding pit display in the “remote displays” window from your image above.

You can then change what’s shown on each pit display from the “Displays” menu, under the “Pit Display Control” submenu.


That’s so cool! I have used it now.


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