Tournament Manager - network settings

I will be running tournament manager servers on my staff network with Raspberry Pi’s on the same network - no issue there.

My wireless tablets have a different network address range. Will the tablets see the “other (wired) network” and let them communicate across the VLan’s?

Thanks in advance for the help!

I am not sure how a wireless tablet is going to “see” a wired network. Just sayin’

This depends entirely on the firewall settings and exact nature of the network configuration.

Your best bet is to just test the setup ahead of time.

As @Barin said, it is all dependent on your network settings. If the network is setup for the wired and wireless vlans to be able to talk to each other, than it will probably work. If they are segregated (sometimes done for security purposes), than it may not work.

Another thing to try if it doesn’t work is to connect the server computer to the wireless network as well as to the wired network. You would need a wireless NIC in your server computer to do so (less likely if it is a desktop, likely if it is a laptop). Then you can just point the tablets to the IP address of the wireless NIC. If that doesn’t work, it could be that pier-to-pier is turned off on the wireless network - another thing your IT would need to help with.

Not sure if I exactly understand the question, but to connect mobile devices to TM, you need to go to Tools -> Start Tournament Webserver in TM and then authorize mobile devices by their code. The webserver for mobile devices might have a different IP address.

Not sure if I completely misunderstood your question.