Tournament Manager - no sound

I hope this is the right forum area, but I am about to pull my hair out with the sound on the Tournament manager. First I downloaded the newest version and setup a tourney with mock data on a CSV file. I have gone through and setup the tournament and have a field set with 2 fields. I have the Field Control window open with the timer on it. The audience display is is checked in-match right now as well. When I run the match timer I hear no sounds. I have music playing, have verified that the windows sounds work. All audio from everything else works. I have turned the volume all the way up with the music turned down… nothing… no sound from the match timer.
Bill R.

Do you have the Audience Display program running? The game sounds are played from the Audience Display program. Make sure there is an Audience Display running for the field set that is being controlled and that the volume on the computer is turned up sufficiently loud

The audience display program… hmmmm well the only boxes I have open are the main window and the field control box. In the field control box the audience display box has in-match checked. Is there another program I need to launch? If so how? Idid not see a place to launch a program by that name… of course I could have overlooked it in my frustration.

Thank you

Hi Bill,
If you haven’t done so already, please review the Tournament Manager User Guide. It walks through the concepts used by Tournament Manager, including the separate display programs that can be started such as the Audience Display. You can find the User Guide (and also the Audience Display programs) in the Start Menu → All Programs → VEX → Tournament Manager.

Hopefully this will help answer your questions.

Thanks… I called myself reading the manual, but I apparently read it swiftly and overlooked that part. I will try it out this afternoon. There is not enough time in the day!!!
Thanks guys
Bill R.