Tournament Manager not updated

Any idea when TM will be updated for the 2022-23 games? Hard to run a scrim for camp via spreadsheets since there’s not even paper scoring available…


Changed this to watching, I asked the same question a month or so ago, no reply

I would expect TM to be released for official qualifying events.

Game Manual 1.0 is not yet released… June 28 if memory serves me right.

Maybe after that.


NZ has a scrimmage listed on RE on July 2nd, so I’d hope for their sake the day of the official manual release is as late as they push the TM release.


Thankfully the two scrimmages we’re running today for camp is 8 teams and 10 teams, so excel spreadsheet FTW


You can always select the “Basic Game” option in TM when you get to the Game Scoring Configuration page in your setup. This allows you to play any game and have a simple total score input for your matches. I used this in the classroom to create modified and original games each year as a project for my students. Yeah it’s not as easy for the scoring and it doesn’t include AWP, but it will get you up and running.


Not for IQ…

It would be nice if they would add that option in!


Looks like it is only if you choose VRC is that an option. Too bad it doesn’t work for IQ.

You can also just choose a previous game and fudge the inputs to get the numerical score you need. In VRC, Tower Takeover is great for this because there were a bunch of game objects worth (initially) 1pt each, so it’s easy to enter the score for the self-devised games we’ve been playing at our summer camps. (I can’t use the “basic game” because it doesn’t show skills challenge rankings :person_shrugging:)

For IQ, Squared Away would probably be the best choice, the score doesn’t go nearly as high as a maxed-out Snapshot field, but as long as you’re confident no one will score more than 150 points it’s easy to enter whatever score you need (that’s at least 18 discs in the 4-point zone with both robots also touching the 4-point contact zone, more if you don’t dispense all the discs).

Pitching In would enable (slightly) higher scores but the lack of any 1-point objects means some scores are mathematically impossible, for example it was impossible to score exactly 1 or 3 points in a PI match.


Or 150 in skills. That was a funny one, because 152 was the max skills score, but it was still impossible to legally get 150 points.

We’re running camps as well. We use last season’s TM for tournaments. Simply modify the scoring and toggle using pitching in numbers until you get what you want. Works fine.

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@DRow Could you convey the desire of the community for a “Basic Game” option for VIQC in TM like there is for VRC. Seems like it would go a long way toward helping those running early scrimmages and camps each season. Would also be awesome to use for VEX GO Competitions as well.


@Dave_Flowerday @dscheck :slightly_smiling_face:


Could you select a VRC basic tournament and set the timer presets to 0 auton and 60 driver?

Although the bell wouldn’t fire twice in the middle to switch drivers.

Match scoring/rankings still wouldn’t work like they do in VIQC.


Any one know of any word on Tournament Manager? checked yesterday and still not updated

Probably coming out in the next few weeks.

EP Summit next week (7/12-13), pretty sure EPs will inquire about when it will be released.


Looks like the TM update went live about an hour ago.


Just in time for EP Summit this week!


Gonna try it out tomorrow when I get to work