Tournament manager pit/audience displays for linux?

Has anyone had any luck trying to run tournament manager on linux/osx/not windows? I’d like to be able to use some surplus raspberry pis and old monitors as displays rather than needing a ton of laptops, but without linux/ARM support that would be difficult. I’ve been considering trying streaming video out to the pi’s from a central display laptop, but was hoping to get a less network-heavy solution.
Looking at the installed files shows that there’s a lot of python going on (and seems to be hidden somewhere or otherwise compiled), so I’m thinking it might be possible to get the displays running with a little work to get all the dependencies installed and whatnot, but it would probably need to involve extracting and decompiling the actual python behind it. I also haven’t been able to find a EULA in the installer or online so I don’t know what kind of restrictions apply (but I would imagine distributing decompiled source would be frowned on).


Awesome pi project! It seems like it would be really difficult to get tournament manager running on a pi so I would go with streaming the video to your pis.

OK so there’s been a little progress with getting a TM display to launch on my pi but there’s still some issues that I think are due to the differences between Windows and Linux file systems that I haven’t been able to pin down yet, since the error dialogs I’ve been getting are a little vague (no unhandled exceptions right now though), and I haven’t had a chance to look around for where the appropriate logs are. Other than that most of the issues have been getting dependencies resolved and finding a windows machine to host the TM server (which can run on an actual windows box, since I’m mostly worried about remote displays).

I might give streaming a try once I get a VPN set up so my PC and pi can talk properly (they’re in different locations). I have OBS and nginx set up on my PC which can handle the broadcast end but I haven’t been able to use the pi except over SSH, since I don’t have a real keyboard for it, so trying to view video on it is hard.

Have you considered using Windows 10 IoT on the pi?

Keep us updated on the broadcast setup, as I am going to be trying to set something up during my Christmas break.

I thought about win10 IoT, however I only have a raspberry pi 1, and win10 IoT can only run “universal apps” that are compatible with ARM hardware. I would the TM binaries are built for x86, so there’s not much to do there. Maybe it would help with the filesystem problems, but only having a raspi1 means I’m going to have to keep digging through source to find the issue.

I have a solution in the works for a raspberry pi display. I’ve got a pre-alpha version that is being tested.

Last post in December 2015…

I know…but I recently started an endeavor to get some sort of linux support and for the most part have succeeded. I thought I’d let people know that progress has been made!

Good work!

It’s just a display and is heavily limited in the data it can show at the moment. But at least it works.

Field test confirms it is a stable program! A few minor bugs/issues but I’ve got them mostly resolved. I have much work to do with getting documentation put together. Right now it’s only compatible with vrc, no iq or vexu support but I’m working as hard as I can. I’ll expect to get them implemented soon. Just glad the first field test was a success.

Can you put out an alpha version as it is now? I would like to try and play around with it.

I want to do a few more field tests before I release it. I also want to include at least an update notification so that when I release new versions people will know.

Also note that the time of this writing, the pi display cannot be controlled by tournament manager and only contains a basic display of rankings and match schedule(with results)

Now the question is do I continue to post updates here or should I start my own thread?

I think for clutter once this thread is brought back it makes sense to keep using.

Okay so the next field test allowed me to fix a few more issues. I’m working on getting that version finalized and ready to go for everyone else. Otherwise this program is looking good.

One of the biggest things to note is that there is no control of the display as it only shows rankings and schedules with results.

Another thing to note is that there are plans to implement other displays such as check ins, inspections, skills and programming challenge rankings, etc…

A long term plan is to eventually integrate this into the tournament manager server or other program running on the server computer to be able to switch displays.

Hello all, I would like to release the original source code to the project on github. This repository will be updated and maintained with the latest versions of the pi display program. I don’t have much time to spend on my projects but I can do my best to make every effort. But for those who want the info it will be available on and the source will be on . If anyone has any questions or needs help, please contact me. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to do with this but not enough time(it seems like) to rapidly deploy these programs. Most of the bugs/issues should be resolved but I know there are quite a few there. Thank you all for your support.
Please note that the binaries on my site will be slightly behind as my code revisions update faster.

We have a couple of our laptops that are running in Linux and we are using them to run TM. We have not had any problems with any of our tests so far. I will let you know after our tournament tomorrow. After tomorrow, I will ask my son, #bottomnotch to comment. I know very little about Linux but that is sort of his thing.

We have everything set up for our tournament tomorrow. Some of our computers only have Linux. We have zero issues with TM running in Linux. I will have my son comment on here after the tournament and let you know what build we are using and any other important info that i simply do not understand.

One nice thing about Linux is that we do not need to be concerned about Windows wanting to update things at an inconvenient time.

it’s just running in wine, nothing special, displays seem to work without an issue.

This is specifically for the Raspberry pi. I imagine the wine library is rather intense in terms of resources that it uses. Hence why I’m making this program specifically to run on the Raspberry Pi