Tournament Manager web server Admin - how to log on?

I can’t find Tournament Manager support anywhere so I hope this is an ok place for this question.

I am EP for an IQ event in February. I’d like to use the Admin feature for team check in and inspections, as described on page 37 of the user guide. The user guide includes this highlighted text:

Note - Access to the administrative section of the tournament web site is protected by the tournament password which was set in the Setup Wizard. It is important to make sure that this password is available only to authorized event staff.

Problem is, a user id is also required, and there is no place in the setup wizard to enter a user id. I tried using the event name and event ID as the user id but this doesn’t work. So where is the user id set up for admin function on web server? Thanks in advance,

Sorry for the confusion. The user id is admin. We’ll get it added to the user guide in the next release.