Tournament Manager

Quick question and I hope this is in the right place.

Last year at world’s it seems or at least it looked like the referees had tablets on each field that they did the scoring on, then I thought they were able to load the scores directly into TM.

Is this possible or did it just look like that was what was going on?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, this is what was happening at the 2014 World Championship. The developers are currently working on rolling out this functionality to all events.

Awesome!!! Thanks so much!

We did an IQ tournament last year where the head ref had a hybrid laptop and ran an instance of TM connected to the host computer and input and displayed the scores from the field.

just use splashtop remote desktop, i use it all the time for applications not compatible for mobile devices, runs well.

but tournament manager scoring app for the software is a nice touch, looking forward to seeing it !

Any updates on when this might be released? It would be very helpful to have for our state championship!

Jacob Beaulier

We’re in the process of beta testing the system at some local events. If testing continues to go well, our hope is to have this released to all events for the week of February 23rd.


Thank you for the speedy reply! Unfortunately our state championship is being held on the 21st of this month. Is there any possibility being part of the beta testing, or is it something that needs to be overseen by a VEX or IFI Developer?

Jacob Beaulier

We’ve been working with the RECF to choose beta test events. The sites have been chosen based on which ones RECF support managers who have been given advance training could attend. It may not be possible to arrange for a new beta test event at this juncture. We do really appreciate your willingness to help and try this technology out.


Thank you for the explanation. I look forward to using the updated software in the future and I plan on being one of the first to download and play with it when it is released! Fortunately the Maine State Championship only has a capacity of 36 teams, so it is not too demanding.

If there is any way I can further help I am eager to assist!

Jacob Beaulier