Tournament Manager


I am trying to use the Tournament Manager software, and I keep running into a problem with it. I use the setup wizard to create my tournament, going through each step, and then when I click on finish the program shuts down. When I try to restart the program it goes back to the beginning of the wizard and does not move forward.

I am using a Windows 8 computer, and have also tried it on Windows 7. I have tried to change the compatibility, and still nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Does Tournament Manager create the tournament database? Can you open an existing tournament?

You can get more immediate support by contacting your RECF representative and get support directly from DWAB.

Otherwise, can you use the Steps Recorder (open the Start Menu and search for Steps Recorder) to help reproduce the issue? You may PM or respond with the generated .zip file. I may not be able to reproduce your issue, but it’s the easiest place to get started.