Tournament manger for squared away


Is there a Tournament Manager for the Squared Away game?

Thank you!


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VEX Tournament Manager supports VIQC, VRC, VEXU, VAIC, and RAD.


I can’t get it to work on my Mac. I then saw on the site that it doesn’t work for BigSur.
So, I then downloaded it to my Ipad and Iphone and they both read “an error occurred when connecting to Tournament manager. Pls check your settings” I went to settings and it will not work even after entering IP address of iphone, ipad and wifi.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The central TM runs on PCs and some segment of Mac devices.

The tablet version that lets you connect to the central version of TM runs on Android and iOS.


When you create an event in Tournament Manager, it will ask you what game it is for. TM includes the last several years of games and also has an option for a generic game. I have used the generic version to create games for classroom competition in the past.