Tower Coming Unmounted During A match

So today during a match in a comp I went to push a cube that wasn’t fully nested in a tower out. The tower was not fully mounted correctly(no base under the mats) so it just popped out of place. Am I in the wrong here or what would be the ruling?


This can be illegal if the field destruction was inttetinal or match effecting however if the field was set up incoreactly like you say that would be an issue for the refs and ep to set up and might warent a replay. As the field was not setup coreactly as g16 wich regards damgeig only refers you attaching to the field when damaging this would be something you’d have to talk to the ep’s and ref about at the time

< S1> If at any time the Robot operation or Team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged the Field Elements or Cubes, the offending Team may be Disabled and/or Disqualified at the discretion of the referees. The Robot will require re-inspection before it may again take the field.

As a head referee, I am used to teams ramming up to a tower to ram the cube. I would probably just issue a rematch depending on when the infraction occurred, since that was a problem on the people running the event. I could see other head referees disabling you for that, but I personally wouldn’t consider you in the wrong if it just “popped out” and could easily be rescrewed back into place.


thats the thing, the base it screws into simply was not there the standoffs were just pushed into the foam tiles.

As someone who ran an event yesterday, this makes me a little sick…


So I was a witness of this. Logan, you are forgetting a detail. You were holding a cube and trying to use the cube you were holding to push it out, not ram into the tower. It’s on them if they didnt set up the field correctly.


Fair point I was just wondering about it as some of teams were saying this was illegal still. Even though I was trying to replace a cube in a tower with a different color one.