Tower crane step 138

The pieces in step 138 of the tower crane don’t line up, I’ve double checked the steps that involve the pieces involved and it’s all right, I might be able to use other pieces to fix it, but I don’t want to use stuff I might need later. Specifically the black piece isn’t far out enough to fit into 2,6 and 2,7 like it shows in the illustrations. If anybody else has experienced this issue I would love to know because I can’t find anybody else taking about it.

Are you sure you used the 1" standoffs and placed the black pieces in the right holes in step 128? Otherwise the pins would be off later like you described. (You can go to page 43 and line the standoff up with the diagram at the top to see if it’s the right size.)


Anybody have any other solutions for this. We are experiencing the same problem. We’ve checked and rechecked but still can’t figure out why it’s not lining up. Clearly we are doing something wrong. @thatsnailbot @2775Josh

Try to make sure both black corner connectors are facing the correct direction. If one (or both) of the 228-2500-137 pieces is facing the wrong way, these pieces will not line up. Pay extra attention to Steps 128 and 136.