Tower issue *Field Issue*

Due to the front part of the towers no having supports excluding the middle one it’s caused our towers to lean forward making it harder to pull balls out the towers. Is there any official solution or should we just zip tie to the walls to keep them strait .

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I’m not quite as familiar with field setup as I should be, but looking through Appendix A to the game manual, it seems that for most of the goals, the goal isn’t really supported that well.

The thread linked below discusses this issue.


yeah this seems to be a very common complaint about the edge goals. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a bracket or any supports for them, but that’s just how it is. in fact, zip tying them would be illegal.


This is just part of the genius (also “evil”) game design from Vex, this is intentional. As long as the cardboard 4 piece can slide through with relative ease, you built it right.
Our team is also having trouble pulling balls out of the goals, as this is a common challenge. All I can say is that there’s no way ti “fix” the goal, just gotta built the right robot for it.
There are always these design challenges on the field, whether it’s a weighted mobile goal, or a special expansion zone, this one just sticks out like a sore thumb however it is the same thing.

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I wouldn’t call this genius. The wildly varying tolerances and the flimsiness of the edge goals feels more like an oversight than an intentional design choice. Tight tolerances are definitely intentional. But the varying tolerances depending on the flimsiness of the field perimeter and the flimsiness of the goals does not feel intentional.

however, this is just how it is, and I agree that you need to build your robot with the ability to descore from even the jankiest goals. One idea I’ve seen is having some kind of aligner on your robot that pushed on the front of the goal, which will push on the top of the goal and open up the bottom for easier descoring.


On our field, there are little brackets that tie the section that is second from the bottom of the goal to the top of the wall. Do yours not have that?

Something interesting about this game: You have to build your robot to work for both the tightest possible goals and for the loosest possible goals to be successful, because you won’t know which you’re getting until you get to the tournament.

(It would be much easier if Vex would bring the tolerance above the ball’s diameter)



having some sort of variable compression system could be very useful, so you can adjust the tightness of your intakes to match the goals. because an intake that has really high compression for descoring tight goals will probably not be able to descore from lose goals as fluidly as intakes with less compression can.


Just add or remove rubber bands on tensioned intakes as needed.