Tower Scoring/Descoring when contacting a robot

Hey all, I have a question about de-scoring the cubes in the tower. I was recently at an event where I believe the rules may have been taken out of intent. A cube had been placed in the tower and was legal per the definition of placed. However, the robot was still in contact with this cube and it was not counted since the robot was touching it. Later in the event, teams began simply touching cubes in towers to “descore” them. The game definitions define placed for a cube in a tower but say nothing about the robot touching the cube. However, the rule about the stacked cubes not counting when contacting a robot was transposed to include towers in this case. Is this correct or do placed cubes in tower count whether in contact with a robot or not?

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cubes can be touching a robot to count


If it was scored before a robot touched it, it is scored.

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It’s the definition of Placed which is important here, and at no point are robots mentioned in the definition.


There is an official Q&a that specifically addresses this, and should be considered as an extension of the game manual. Robot touching placed cubes have no impact on whether they are considered placed.