Tower take over Throwing cubes

Can you throw cubes across the field

yes??? i guess why are you tryna throw at stacks because thats illegal but if u wanna try to shoot into a tower u cant reach thats ligit

edit:“proper englashh”

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Please try to use a bit more proper english. It isn’t that much slower.


Completely agree

Happy @James6555 and @Gameoa

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What’s the point of throwing cubes across the field? To get them into towers? It’s very hard to aim a cube, and you would need a powerful launcher that’s also precise.

let him do what he wants.


You can, but 1: its very hard to aim, 2: you need another addition to your bot, and 3: all it takes is one wrong throw to end it all.


Oh yes, if you lob too many cubes into the spectators or drive teams, or hit a stack, that will definitely be the end of you


It would be a good idea if Vex parts were really precise, but their not, so the risk is just too large, and the cubes often bounce around making it hard to land on into a goal zone, without it just bouncing out.

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Sometime, we get so caught up asking the question “could we…” that we never bother to answer the question “should we…”

In this case… ya we definitely should.


well u need the could before the should also it is a staple of a nerd to ancer could prior to should

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