Tower Takeover Auton

I’ve been thinking of different ways of doing auton, my skills can get 72 and depending on if we have enough time it will get up to 84. I’ve only thought of one of the regular in game autons and it gets 7 pts. how much will your autons make? I’m wondering because i want to know if that is considered a low auton or a high auton.

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i haven’t thought too much on auton yet but i think that early on that might do ok but i would plan on scoring more mid and late season

Most likely you will need at least 12 different match autons to be competitive. (one per cube color per starting tile)
Of course, you would only need one skill auton.

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I don’t think that there are starting tiles. But your math is sound anyway. You will need about 12

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With me i will need a total of 9 Autons.
1 skills
2 left side of blue and red
2 middle then going left
2 middle then going right
2 right

I’m pretty sure that the red and blue tiles on each side of the field where the robots begin each match are the starting tiles.

nope, the only starting tiles is the fact that you have to be touching your wall
1 sec let me get the link of the place that talks about this

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Oh shoot you’re right, what’s the point of the colored tiles then?

There is none. Just mass confusion. But you could say they help define the alliance protected zones. Which is definitely true.

I believe they are there to signify that it is your side of the field.



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I think they’re just there because the foam tile sets that teams already have would be incomplete without them, and they’d rather have a little bit of confusion than make everyone buy new fields for this year only.

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The sets actually come with enough grey tiles to accommodate without the colored tiles. However, why not use them? I would think that they should have put them in the corners where the goals are, just to emphasize which team could score where.

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It looks aesthetically pleasing.