Tower Takeover Autonomous ideas?

Looking at the new Tower-Takeover field, it looks like having a lot of autonomous plans is going to be necessary. The design of the new game makes me think that it will be hard to design an autonomous that won’t accidentally help the other alliance more than your own. I was wondering if anybody had any initial full-proof ideas regardless of what the alliance does in their autonomous. My first thought was scoring the 4-cube stack and 3-cube stack and then placing a cube in one of the towers on your own side. But ensuring that it doesn’t help the other alliance seems impossible without knowing what their autonomous does. My other idea was to completely forget about towers during autonomous and just score as many cubes as possible with the hope that the other alliance either helps you or at least has no effect. Any thoughts?

Maybe a vision sensor that detects the color of the cubes in the opponents stack then decides whether or not it should place a cube of a certain color based off of that.
I dont know if this is possible though, i havent worked with a vision sensor.

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I can picture teams having 10-16 different autons to choose from, picking the one that takes advantage of your opponents best