Tower Takeover Designs

What Chassis designs would be good for VEX tower takeover? I need ideas for a chassis and lift. Thanks!

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This is the biggest meta design at the moment.

It’s typically on a all Omni direct drive, due to that being the easiest and simplest design. I’ve also seen some X-drives popping up due to increased mobility.
The next biggest design looks like this

Good at towers but gets outpaced in stacking by the previous meta. DR4B are the most prominent lift due to the high speed and decent torque. I’ve also seen a scissor lift from 62.

Scissors are harder to build, and slower, but they are typically pretty strong. Personally I think the best of these three is the 448X tilter design due to speed and versatility, but a good DR4B can be very competitive.

How many cubes was the 448X design able to pick up?

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Does anyone know a way to build a compact folding slope to hold about 9 to 10 blocks? My idea was to nest them in each other which does change the size of the block holder which could make the blocks just fall out any ideas?

Sorry, do you mean tray?

People usually do one flip out section then one passively expanding section which should hold roughly 8 cubes.

I’ve seen a lot of teams be slightly turned off at the idea of a cascade can you clarify why?
Is it mostly the speed that is the issue?

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