Tower Takeover Distances?

I’m trying to write a average autonomous and I was wondering does anyone have any sample code, or maybe distances between the field elements? Doesn’t have to be exact as it will be average distances, trying to play around with the vision sensor and the other sensors! Thanks for the help.

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Hey, if you are simply doing coding with the built in PID even general averages from other teams won’t help. You’d be surprised how differently every drive base functions, so my recommendation is just doing calculations with your robot to see how far your robot moves with your PID (just make it go forward, record how far it goes forward then do the math to see what you need to input in your PID to make it go an inch, foot, etc). Then use that to calculate how far it needs to go. This will give you a pretty good start on your auton.

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I can’t say “Check the game manual” on this one, but Appendix A gives all the field specifications. Just keep in mind that the tolerance of the placement of cubes can vary by up to 1.5".

Appendix A


Alright thanks! Is there a way to setup a drivetrain for VEXcode text that uses 4 motors? if you use it that is, because the normal drivetrain only has 2 motor ports, do you just put in 2 separate ones?

Certainly! I have provided a link below in this comment that should help you do that. It will walk through how to add motors to your motor and sensor setup and they will be coded the same way.

Forgive me if this isn’t helpful as I have much programming experience but am not our team’s current programmer, so I am not familiar with the exact format that VEXcode uses.

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It’s alright I was the first team to switch to v5 for my school and learned alot of VCS so now I gotta learn all the ins and outs to VEXcode. I know their mostly the same but there are some differences. Thanks for the help!

Of course! Also according to the website, this is your first post. Welcome to the vex forums! As a member who has frequented this page a lot, I welcome you to this community and I just have one piece of advice for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! But also, with that being said, many of us have been taught that there is no such thing as a stupid question. On the vex forum, that is not true. There is such a thing as a stupid question. That being said, there is a very fine line between what is a stupid question and what is not, and that is this. If you have a question regarding a rule, it can be answered in the game manual. Asking it on the forums when the answers regarding rules are very clearly laid out in the game manual is honestly very frustrating for the people on this website to deal with.

With that being said, welcome to the vex forums and I hope you learn many things in your years to come!


Thanks for the warm welcome, a lot o forums I’ve been on can be very cold, but usually rules I don’t ask about unless it’s a loophole, or unclear but even then I ask the head coach or my teacher. The rules are pretty clear but there can be loopholes that can be asked about. I have a strong agreement towards there is stupid questions.

Yep, I agree with that. Well, there are very many talented people on this website so if you have any questions feel free to ask! (Especially people with “9457B” in their name :slight_smile:, yes there are more of my teammates on this forum.)

Thanks! Feels good to have support!

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