Tower Takeover Field Renders

I was bored today, thought I’d play around with the fields. Feel free to use them, just give credit to WPI.




These are good renders!

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Mine are on the way too, sit tight :wink:


Nice. Except the cups have more diffuse top half and have a vex logo. Also what software did you use?

Also if no one does it before me, I will make renders with transparent backgrounds.

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This is the official field cad, so it’s interesting how they didn’t include the fogged part and the logo. Software-wise its inventor studio.

I download the field from their website and it had it.

Hey these are some great renders, do you have higher resolution (specifically 1440p) images? That first image look perfect for a desktop background :slight_smile:

@jmmckinney I’m currently using your Turning Point render (and before that it was your ITZ one :P), do you think you’ll release TT renders in the next week?

edit: sorry (kind of) for the necro, these deserve to be bumped anyway though :smiley:

The highest I can render them in is 1080 :frowning_face:

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I’m bouncing back from my nasty cold I got from VEX Worlds, and I’ve been catching up at work from being gone for the week. Next chance I’ll get to work on the renders is Friday night into the weekend. Hopefully I make a lot of headway during the weekend and can have something by the end of it. If not, then you’re probably looking at a 1-2 week wait.

I’m currently ~90% done importing the new field model into blender, and am currently working on painting the proper materials onto the meshes (cube is a single mesh but has screws, and screws and nuts need metal/nylon materials whereas the rest of the cube gets a plastic one). Everything is imported and painted except for two of the tower heights currently. Once the meshes have materials I have to get those looking right, things like the frosted part of the towers, and the colors of the cubes and walls and what have you.

I have access to a lot of new high end textures HDRs and stuff I want to experiment with, so hopefully I can take the renders to another level this time around, but it’s going to take time. I’m probably going to post a google drive folder with some preliminary renders with minimal textures, basic camera angles and lighting so that people like you can get your hands on something (I know a lot of you like the top views, so I can get some okay versions of those and a front view out pretty quick), but I’m going to need a lot of extra time to get the lighting/cameras, materials and textures right for everything.


Here are a bunch of field renders. There are photos with transparency and 4k photos…


@Codec can I use 1 render for our clubs website if I credit you?

btw sorry for reviving an old thread idk how to dm :expressionless:


Yes that is completely fine, they are for anyone to use.


Where did you find a model of the field with all the colors and textures? I have been looking for one but with no luck. Did you make it yourself?