Tower Takeover Game Field Is Causing A Lot Of Lag

At at the bottom of the page, I download CAD game field. However, there are so many parts that it lags my computer a lot. Does anyone have a version that would cause less lag (maybe removing the screws or other parts that wouldn’t effect the field)? Thank you.

Tbh it may take some time for somebody to make that and I highly doubt anyone has a cad like that (I have been wrong before). Just let it keep loading until it generates. After it generates, there’ll be no lag

The field finished generating, but there was still a lot of lag because of all of the screws and game elements, and parts. If there is not a file available what I could try is to delete the parts myself manually.

Wireframe mode should be smooth enough to allow you to delete any components you consider unnecessary. Then you can switch back to your preferred view style.