Tower takeover Goal Zones Base Dimensions

What do you guys think are the best dimensions for the base to get in the corer goal zones in the tower takeover competition? My robot is really big (17.5 inches by 17.5 inches) and we struggle to fit in the corner to set down our cubes.

Try making a smaller bot. Are you guys allowed to cut metal?

My sponsor would really prefer if we didn’t cut unless it is a final resource.

Well if you can’t cut try and just make use of extra space like an anti tip

The minimum distance of the goal from the perimeter is 10". The cubes are 5.5" wide. If you carry cubes centered on your bot, 4" of drive base to either side of the cube allows .5" spare space to score… which means 4+5.5+4 = 13.5" wide drive base ftw. (A 15" wide base probably works most of the time, but you must expect to push the corner stack with the second stack in the protected zone.)


Ima be honest, u should listen to ur sponsor, but don’t take that statement so seriously. No matter what, you will need to cut lots of metal to be successful. Maybe CAD before building and also get more sponsors so u have more freedom. Cutting is essential, not a last resort


I agree, you’ll never get anywhere without cutting.
You’ll never have a piece of uncut metal that fits just right. You need to make your own

Just reuse cut pieces before you cut more is my tip

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