Tower takeover help!

is their a switch on the game for the autonomous how many driver for each team

so during the comp. You plug the controller into the tower and the control people use a switch to run your auton, disabling driver. then running driver.

Or you can use a comp switch which is just a thing you plug in your controller and flip auton enable or drive enable. works the same and its easier for skills and testing.

You can switch drivers. we had 4 last year (bad idea). But you cant switch teams and drive for them.

EDIT- for skills you get 3 auton and 3 driver if that is what you are asking.

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Here is a link to the competition switch.

Here is a video on how to make one.

Our team has a comp switch, but we have multiple teams and sometimes no access. So, we made one using an old ethernet cable cut to about 6 inches long, just connecting the wires for autonomous mode, and installing the enable/disable switch. This way, whenever the cord was in the competion socket on the controller we were in pre-auton and the switch enabled or disabled the robot. We made about 6 of these since they will most likely grow legs.


The question is very vague. @mariam may not mean a physical switch piece, but rather a drive team switch between auton and driver? please clarify.