Tower Takeover Helper App

Edit: The bug has been fixed for PWA and will be rolling out on Android shortly.

I’ve created a small app that allows for score calculation and recommendations based on the score (what cube to score/descore).

It’s still in its infancy, but I would like to say that it works well.
If you want to help with the logic maybe shoot me a dm.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to pay for an Apple Dev Licence, so I can offer a PWA version to be used on mobile browsers (this might work once the page is loaded in Airplane Mode):


I would greatly appreciate feedback as well.

///// Documentation////

Put the number of towers each alliance has on the visible counters. You are always the one on the left.

Click on the Towers button to score towers.

The second bottom row of the table (score ___) is the recommended action. The one that is larger in print is the option that will grant a higher score advantage.


That is amazing man. This will help many many teams when it comes to last minute descore and score and to communicate with their alliance as well.


Nice app overall! Great job! I may have found a flaw:



That’s interesting. Does that happen with lower scores?

Regardless I’ll take a look and push an update.

Edit: I can’t seem to replicate the issue. Do you have any towers scored?


Seems like an amazing concept, but I think it may be difficult to use during a match due to the UI. I think the UI for the VRC hub app is a lot better as far as how easy it is to quickly put in the score during a match, and in the VRC app you don’t need to open another little page to add towers. Also, I was unable to take away points from “them” without resting it. As far as a little app you just tossed together goes, I think its pretty great, but will be sticking with VRC hub for now for its easy UI. Thanks for the additional option!


That’s a huge flaw. I don’t even know how I missed that. Thanks

Edit: It’ll be fixed for the web in a couple of minutes, Android update will take a couple of hours or so.


No problem, good luck!