Tower Takeover Leaks

Since the season is over everyone should do a massive leak of there bot on this forum for everyone to see. Especially world skills winners :wink: :wink:


Teams will do what they want with their robot. It would be nice to see their robots but we shouldn’t put pressure on them for it

yea for sure no pressure this was just an idea.


I orginally thought this had something to do with a roof leak in someone’s robotics room. :joy:

(We’ve had a few of those in the room where we had our practice field. We even have one in that same room now, but we aren’t using it for robotics.)

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We used to have a bunch of leaks, but we recently got a new metal roof. All that remains is a bunch of moldy ceiling tiles, and I guess we will replace those too with all the time we have now.


lol not the point i was going for but ok


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