Tower takeover leeks

Now that this season has officially concluded, here are some pictures of our robot. There is no longer a competitive advantage to keeping anything related to tower takeover secret, so we hope that others will also use this thread to showcase their robots. Despite staggering design convergence, there is still a lot to be learned.

Feel free to ask us anything, or to post your own leeks. Specifically finished robots.


Clearly I’m not the only one with this idea. @Sgarg14 sorry should’ve used your thread.

Nice lift :wink: @ThirdDegree

Your robot is eye candy


@mvas the double back brace is magic we were so happy to avoid compression towers. Send your bot to show how I was inspired👀


How did you guys do the cube lock mech?

We have parallel bars to the tray that tilt on roughly the same axis. The same tray tilter linkage is also used for the lock. The two sides of the linkage are connected with a hs axle, and this is also where we were able to rubber band them to naturally come out and stop cubes from falling. The neon colored string acts as a hard stop. Then, when we bring our lift down the parallel bars are pushed under the tray and everything functions as normal.

Thanks @Micah_7157X


@ThirdDegree these are a few pics of the bot. We managed to fit tracking wheels in a 25 wide chassis. It was pretty compact, I’m sad we didn’t even get to compete in our regional tournament.

This was our 100 point skills run, we also had a 60 point program.


Beautiful engineering. Love the tinted lexan. Are the 5-long c channels by the bottom of the tray for indexing cube?

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Are you talking about the pass throughs?

I don’t think so. The 5by2 c-channel lining the bottom of the tray with bands zip tied onto them

Those things fold up in the beginning of the match so the robot is in size and then the lift comes up in auton. They hold the arms passively at the perfect intaking angle

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Still making an upgraded bot though :wink:


Prototype tray we were working on

Bad anti-tip

not States bot:

What we finished of our rebuild:


39 PM

41 PM 50 AM

States bot. 11 stacker. compound gear. it was fun. We are in the middle of rebuilding for worlds. but it got cancelled so we are going to finish the build and do a reveal soon along with 4810N 4810A.


Your double slider is very satisfying to watch.


I guess it’s a bit late, but here is my would be Nats bot. I cut off development halfway, so the tray doesnt actually fold into size (yet) and the intakes probably won’t fold out. I’m also not going to develop the tray