Tower Takeover lift and instrument to intake

Will a dr4b with a claw for Tower Takeover suffice?

Depends on the task - lifting one cube at a time to put onto of a stack or tower? but will it be fast enough?

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Yeah. I thought of a quick base in the robot

A DR4B and a claw might suffice early season for both stacks and towers, but if you add a Skyrise-style intake, it might work for the entire season. Who knows? The meta is not going to show itself (yet).

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So any important question is not just getting cubes on your robot, but how to hold it steady since the cubes are ridiculously light and slippery.

The problem with that is how many cubes should I upload? two?

Well depends how many you want to stack in your goal - if it is three stacks of 12, it might take too long.

Si así es pensé en por lo menos 2 columnas de 8

I’m sorry I wrote it in Spanish haha ​​let me put it in English


If so I was thinking of at least 2 columns of 8

Right now, and all the way up until January-ish, 2 is a reasonable goal. Then if you could get a good intake working, maybe even 4 at a time.

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Tal vez serĂ­a Ăştil poder mantener cuatro cubos en su base para transportarlos hasta la meta.

It would be good but I think the stacking speed would be slow with the claw

Por qué, el traductor de Google hace casi un buen trabajo de traducción.

Skyrise had very fast mechanisms if that is the route you want to go.

Yes, only that I understand that it is easier to understand translated since here in Mexico there are almost no forums or topics in Spanish

The bad thing is the stability since in Skyrise it was less important than in the acquisition of the Tower Takeover VRC

Skyrise tenía cubos huecos, más fáciles de manipular con una aguja. Sin embargo, desde Skyrise, mover tres cubos era una característica del diseño. Quizás pueda lograr encontrar un mecanismo de jadeo que pueda cargar dos o más cubos para la Tower Takeover.

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I would have to comment that my team is new since we just compete from In the zone

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Of course it’s a good idea