Tower Takeover: Possession Limit, Tower Height

Hi. does anyone know if more than 1 cube can be handle by the robot at the same time? Does any on e know the highest tower heigh?

There is no possession limit or tower height limit
However, the cubes being 5.5 inches makes it hard to hoard lots of cubes in your bot, and the tower gets harder to stack the higher you go

The tallest tower is 37.91 inches, but your lift should be able to go up a little above that to put the cube in the tower.

Next time check vexform and the game manual before asking. Possession limit and/or cube weight has been asked and answer too many times already.


I don’t think there is a limit. In the rulebook, it said nothing about how many you can hold.

I read the manual and it is not specific. I though the forum is asking to the community. Next time I’ll ask for your permission.

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Thanks for the response

All I am saying is before asking a question make sure that is has not been asked before.

For example:
When searching vexform for “possession limit”: