Tower Takeover Potential Designs

I wonder what designs might be most viable. I want to stray away from a wall bot but aside from that, what else might be good?


Probably a combination of Vex Skyrise and Vex IQ Next Level as this game is very close to both. I’m thinking some sort of double reverse four bar with a tall vertical claw that can load many cubes at a time.


One word: Skyrise.

(God I hate this 20 character limit)

I’ve got claw designs that I’m keeping a secret, but my teams are already considering ideas we used for a our cap robot in turning point.

I feel like a toss up style of robot would do fairly well in this game

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Pretty much any type that can grip a slick surface, with a lift probably similar to In The Zone, would probably work well. I am sure that strafe drives to push cubes will also have a slight advantage.

A toss up style intake is what I’m leaning towards, but with a reverse 4 bar lift that reverse stacks.

I’d say mechanum drive, dr4b, and an instrument capable of carrying multiple cubes at a time.

if a mechanum drive doesn’t perform well you can easily swap wheels, unlike what you’d need to do with a holomonic drive, where you’d need to modify the chassis.

Seeing as the cubes can be stacked with 2 cubes on the base in the scoring zone, I feel like a claw that can pick up two cubes back-to-back horizontally and place them down like so can stack that tower efficiently. Rookie team so might have some wacky design ideas.

Being able to manipulate cubes and also hoard cubes will be extremely important.

My question is if taking cubes out from the towers will be viable


well cubes in the tower aren’t worth anything. Plus if 2 tower descorers get paired, I don’t think that round would be fun for them.

for a instrument i think maybe a rubber band intake at the bottom, and a large elevator shaft type space to store about 4-5 cubes. then dump them in the goal zone.

i vaguely remember that there was an FRC game that also had a similar objective of putting cubes in a designated area, except the cubes were much larger

maybe it’s possible to get some design ideas from there

wasn’t that first power up?

First Power UP, 2018 game. Had to place milk-crate sized cubes (they weren’t actually cubes, which sucked for intakes because of different orientations ) one at a time into really large scales, and a small panel on the side of a wall. You weren’t able to descore, only place cubes on your side to outweigh the opposing alliance. Cube placing wasn’t so much about stacking, as the scales were very large, so accuracy wasn’t a must. Feel like that’s different for Tower Takeover, where you could accidentally knock over your own tower with some bad cube placement.

More like vex iq highrise and next level

I have several designs that I am currently keeping secret, but what I will say is that this game is going to be about speed if robots are able to have 6 motor drivetrains that will win every single time…


this is a filler because reasons